Basuri 20 sound control box including Baby Shark, mission impossible 12v-24v

This control box allows new songs to be played without the need for an additional horn

It can be mounted on 12/24v power supplies

It is compatible with all types of vehicle, including trucks, tractors and cars.

Listen to the sounds

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Basuri 20-tone control box including Baby Shark 12-24v

The Edition 3.0 control box is an innovative device that lets you play up to 20 different tunes, including the famous Baby Shark and Mission Impossible. It's ideal for adding a touch of personality to your car, truck, boat or other vehicle.

Easy, convenient control

The Edition 3.0 control box is easy to use thanks to its central control button. Simply press the button to switch from one melody to another. You can also adjust the volume to get the sound level you want.

Quick and easy to install

Installing the Edition 3.0 control box is quick and easy. It can be fitted to any vehicle with a 12-volt power supply. The wiring is easy to install and requires no special electrical skills.

Exceptional sound quality

The Edition 3.0 control box is equipped with a high-quality loudspeaker that delivers exceptional sound quality. Melodies are clear and crisp, even at high volume levels.

Robust and durable

The Edition 3.0 control box is made from high-quality materials that make it robust and resistant to impact and the elements. It's designed to last a long time and withstand the rigours of the road.


In short, the Edition 3.0 control box is an ideal accessory for anyone who wants to add a touch of personality to their vehicle. Thanks to its ease of use, quick installation and exceptional sound quality, it's a perfect choice for drivers of cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles looking for an original, easy-to-use horn.

Sounds available:

  1. Tone
  2. Baby shark
  3. When mom isn't home
  4. Horse Riding
  5. Coffin Dance
  6. The final countdown
  7. Level
  8. Savage love
  9. Still DRE
  10. If you're happy and you know it
  11. Sandstorm
  12. Bella Ciao
  13. Levan Polkka
  14. Mission impossible
  15. La cucaracha
  16. Happy birthday
  17. Pirates of the caribbean
  18. Sky high
  19. TGV airhorn