List of products by brand LUIS

  • camera

    Luis 5-pin camera extension cable

    24 points
    €24.20 €24.20 €20.00

    Reversing camera connection cable - Luis brand 5-pin connectors

    DIN standard

    IP67 protection rating.

  • camera

    Luis 7" reversing camera kit with integrated brake light

    337 points
    €337.59 €337.59 €279.00

    Luis 7" reversing camera kit

    The camera is integrated into your vehicle's brake light and lights up when you stop

    The reversing camera ensures a clear view of everything happening behind the vehicle, whether you're reversing, manoeuvring or turning. You can also use the monitor's guidelines to help you

    The camera has 6 infrared LEDs for night vision

    The kit's 7-inch monitor gives you clear video images on the anti-glare screen.

    The kit also includes a 20-metre connection cable, a user manual and the relevant mounting hardware

  • home

    Luis caméra de recul haute résolution

    216 points
    €216.59 €216.59 €179.00

    600 high-resolution TV lines

    Voltage: 12-24V

    Dimensions: 70x60x45

    Protection class: IP 68

    Approval: CE, ECE R10

    Kit includes:

    - Camera LUIS

    - Bracket

    - Lens hood

  • camera

    Luis Camera extension cable 4-pin 2 connection 20m

    71 points
    €71.39 €71.39 €59.00

    Connection cable for two 4-pin connectors

    2x female to 2x male

    Cable length: 20m

    Protection class: IP67

  • home

    Luis Kit caméra 360°

    2087 points
    €2,087.25 €2,087.25 €1,725.00

    The LUIS 360° camera gives you panoramic visibility thanks to 4 powerful cameras.

    Voltage: 12-24V

    Protection class: IP 69

    Approvals: E-Markt, CE

    Kit includes:

    - 4 cameras with cables

    - 3 x 5m and 1 x 10m cable

    - ECU

    - 1 monitor cable

  • home

    Luis Moniteur 5" 3 entrées

    422 points
    €422.29 €422.29 €349.00

    5-inch monitor from Luis

    The monitor has a high-quality anti-glare screen and an extraordinary brightness of 300 cd/m²

    The monitor has an image resolution of 800 x 480 pixels

    The monitor accepts 3 camera inputs

  • home

    Luis Moniteur tactile 10" 4 entrées

    1064 points
    €1,064.81 €1,064.81 €880.01

    Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the monitor.

    Display size: 7"

    Resolution: 1024x600px

    Brightness: 500cd/m²

    Protection rating: IP30

    Mirror function: Horizontal and vertical

    Dimensions: 267x30x159.5