Basuri 20-tone trumpet including Baby Shark 3.0 12V-24V

Trumpet Basuri 12v-24v

The horn has 19 sounds, including baby shark and 6 horns

maximum pressure: 11 bars

For buses, lorries and heavy vehicles

Decibel: 120db (audible at 3 or 4km)

6mm connection for air hose

Listen to the sounds

€302.44 €249.95
VAT included







Basuri baby Shark 3.0 trumpet

The Basuri Air Horn 20 sound Baby Shark 3.0 is a powerful air horn for heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and commercial vehicles. It operates on 12 to 24 volts and offers a variety of 20 different sounds, including the famous "Baby Shark" song which is very popular with children.

This air horn is designed to be easy to install and use.

Not only is this air horn a practical accessory for heavy vehicles, it's also ideal for attracting attention at sporting events, concerts or parties. With its variety of fun sounds and outstanding sound quality, the Basuri Air Horn 20 Sounds Baby Shark 3.0 Edition is an ideal choice for any heavy vehicle driver looking to add a touch of personality and fun to their vehicle

Sounds available:

  1. Tone High low
  2. Baby Shark
  3. Believer
  4. La cucaracha
  5. Magic in the air
  6. Old McDonald had a farm
  7. Squid Game
  8. William tell ouverture
  9. The imperial march
  10. We like to party by Vengabus
  11. Macarena
  12. Pink Panther
  13. Kill Bill Whistle
  14. We don't speak americano
  15. James Bond entry
  16. Hotel room service by Pitbull
  17. Industy Baby
  18. Smoke weed everyday
  19. Beethoven fur Elise
  20. J Kimi no Toriko

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