1. Unless there are specific rules or an indication to the contrary on the competition page, any competition organised by Duchemin Agt is subject to these general provisions.
  1. Participation in the competition implies unreserved acceptance of these rules in their entirety and of the principle of the competition, the rules of ethics in force on the Internet, as well as the laws, regulations and other texts applicable in Belgium, including any modifications that may be made necessary, for example, as a result of force majeure. Any fraud will result in the invalidation of the candidate. Any person who contravenes one or more of the articles of these rules will be deprived of the opportunity to take part in the competition and of any prize that may have been awarded.
  1. This competition is open to all adults. However, salaried employees, employees of the Organising Company, and more generally any person who has collaborated in the organisation of the competition itself, may not take part in this competition.
  1. A bailiff will draw the winner. The Organiser's decision as to the determination of the winner is irrevocable and final.
  1. In order to take part in the competition, you must validate your chance by obtaining at least one ticket and answering a tie-breaker question. You will receive 1 ticket for each purchase of 75 euros made on the Duchemin Agt website, with a maximum of 10 tickets per order. The number of tickets to be sent will be checked manually according to the amount of your purchase, and they will be sent with your parcel or by post.
  1. Only legible, correctly and fully completed answers received via the Internet and recorded within the time limits defined by Duchemin Agt will be taken into account in determining the winners.
  1. Only the winners of the competition will be notified by e-mail/postal mail or telephone call and informed of the terms and conditions for the awarding of their prize, which they must comply with in order to benefit from it. Prizes not claimed within 40 days of the date of notification of winning (in accordance with the terms specified in this notification) shall automatically revert to the property of the Organising Company.
  1. Participants are aware and accept that the organiser cannot be held responsible for any network failures, losses, delays or technical failures caused by the Internet or the technical service providers involved in maintaining the organiser's Facebook page.
  1. Prizes are not convertible into cash or other prizes. Duchemin Agt is released from any responsibility in case of force majeure preventing the proper execution of the prize. In case of cessation of activities of the company offering the prizes, before the implementation of the prize, Duchemin Agt reserves the right to cancel or modify the contest and is released from any responsibility both towards the participants and the winner.
  1. Each winner of the competition expressly authorises the organiser to transmit his/her contact details to the Organising Company of the competition for the sole purpose of enabling him/her to collect his/her prize.
  1. Once you have received the car, you must keep it for at least 12 months. In addition, the lettering affixed to the vehicle must remain in place for 12 months from the contest closing date.