Vignal 150° wide-angle height camera

Wide-angle camera Vignal

The camera is installed at the height of the vehicle

Adjustable 150° viewing angle

Night vision distance of 8 to 10 metres

VAT included

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Vignal 150° wide-angle height camera

The Vignal height camera is an advanced vision device designed to provide optimum perspective and enhanced safety when driving vehicles. This wide-angle aerial view camera from Vignal is specifically designed for applications where a 360-degree view is essential for accident prevention and easier manoeuvring.

With its 150-degree wide-angle lens, the camera captures a wide area of vision, providing a complete panoramic view of the vehicle's environment. This bird's-eye perspective gives the driver a clear view of surrounding obstacles, pedestrians and vehicles, even in blind spots, significantly reducing the risk of collisions and making manoeuvring in tight spaces easier.

The Vignal camera is equipped with advanced image processing technology, guaranteeing exceptional video quality and sharp images, even in difficult lighting conditions. It also has a night vision function, so you can keep an eye on things even in the dark.

Thanks to its robust, weatherproof casing, the Vignal height camera is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, including vibration, shock and temperature variations. This makes it ideal for use in commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and construction machinery.

What's more, the Vignal camera is compatible with existing surveillance and driver assistance systems, making it easy to integrate into vehicles already equipped with these devices. It is also equipped with advanced features such as moving object detection, guide line display and blind spot detection, making it a versatile tool for improving safety and precision during driving manoeuvres.

In short, the Vignal height camera is an advanced vision solution that offers a complete panoramic view and enhanced safety when driving vehicles. With its cutting-edge technology, robustness and advanced features, it is an ideal choice for safety- and performance-conscious driving professionals.


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