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All clearance lights

All clearance lights

End-outline marker lamps, also known as "bollards", are lighting devices used on various vehicles such as lorries, trailers, tractors and cars, with the aim of improving the visibility of the vehicle and informing other road users of its size and width. End-outline marker lamps consist of several lamps arranged horizontally on the sides of the vehicle, which can be switched on simultaneously with the position, dipped or main beam headlamps, depending on the applicable local regulations. They are generally red or amber in colour and are designed to meet the highest safety standards, guaranteeing long life and reliable performance.

The bouliches are available with different types of mounting brackets, such as short, long, medium, straight, angled or twisted, as well as with different coloured lenses. There are several designs available for bulkhead lights, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your aesthetic preferences.